Career Design Programme
Career Design Programme

As an independent advisor I can speak honestly and objectively. I know how to maximise your potential and can identify the best way forward in terms of study and career options.

Reasons Why You Should Choose Me
Reasons Why You Should Choose MeA Chartered Psychologist; BPS and HPC registered, a Comprehensive, Objective Approach, Solid Track Record, Competitive Fees, to discover more click here. 
Assessment Centre Coaching
Assessment Centre Coaching

Clearly, the job market is ridiculously competitive at present, but remember someone does succeed and this could be you, so do not give up before you try.

I have nearly 28 years’ experience and a solid track record of positive feedback and recommendations.
Redundancy Programme
Should you be made redundant, you are likely to experience a variety of natural emotions, from shock, denial and hurt, to anger, before eventually feeling able to accept and move on. Some people find it difficult to discuss feelings, and they may take longer than others to emerge from the tunnel. Remember it is the position and not you who is redundant; there is no longer any stigma attached. I should be able to help you to successfully navigate this change, regain confidence and fulfil your dreams!
Perfectionist Programme

Many of my clients are perfectionists who take life very seriously and want to check and confirm that they are on the right track. At a recent conference, I mentioned how perfectionism can hold people back and half the audience were smiling knowingly and nodding their heads! Perhaps you know a perfectionist; perhaps you are one yourself? Often a perfectionist will have an equally perfectionist, extra successful and/or critical parent, for whom they never felt good enough.

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